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The European Wind Energy Association would very much like to thank all the authors that contributed to this new edition of Wind Energy – The Facts.

Part I:

Paul Gardner, Andrew Garrad, Lars Falbe Hansen, Peter Jamieson, Colin Morgan, Fatma Murray and Andrew Tindal of Garrad Hassan and Partners, UK (; Luis Arribas and José Ignacio Cruz of CIEMAT, Spain (; Nicholas Fichaux of the European Wind Energy Association (EWEA) (

Part II:

Frans Van Hulle of EWEA and Paul Gardner of Garrad Hassan and Partners.

Part III:

Poul Erik Morthorst of Risoe National Laboratory, Technical University of Denmark (; Hans Auer of the Energy Economics Group, University of Vienna; Andrew Garrad of Garrad Hassan and Partners; Isabel Blanco of UAH, Spain (

Part IV:

Angelika Pullen of the Global Wind Energy Council (GWEC) (; Keith Hays of Emerging Energy Research (; Gesine Knolle of EWEA.

Part V:

Carmen Lago, Ana Prades, Yolanda Lechón and Christian Oltra of CIEMAT, Spain (; Angelika Pullen of GWEC; Hans Auer of the Energy Economics Group, University of Vienna.

Part VI:

Arthouros Zervos of the National Technical University of Athens, Greece (; Christian Kjaer of EWEA.

Co-ordinated by:

Zoé Wildiers and Gesine Knolle, EWEA

Edited by:

Christian Kjaer, Bruce Douglas, Raffaella Bianchin and Elke Zander, EWEA

Language editor:

Rachel Davies, Sarah Clifford, Chris Rose

For invaluable data and insightful additions throughout the text, we would like to thank the organisations listed below and many other EWEA members who have given their support and input.

Association of Renewable Energy Producers (APPA,Spain)

Association Empresarial Eolica (AEE, Spain)

Austrian Wind Energy Association

British Wind Energy Association

Bulgarian Wind Energy Association

Cyprus Institute of Energy

Czech Society for Wind Energy

Danish Wind Industry Association

ECN, The Netherlands

Ente Per Le Nuove Tecnologie, l’Energia e l’Ambiente-Centro Ricerche (ENEA, Italy)

Estonian Wind Power Association

Finnish Wind Energy Association

French Agency for Environment and Energy Management (ADEME, France)

German Wind Energy Association

GE Wind Energy, Germany

Hellenic Wind Energy Association

Hungarian Wind Energy Association (Magyar Szélenergia Társaság)

Instituto de Engenharia Mecanica e Gestao Industrial (INEGI, Portugal)

Irish Wind Energy Association

KEMA Power Generation and Sustainables, The Netherlands

Latvian Wind Energy Association

Romanian Wind Energy Association

Slovakian Wind Energy Association

Swedish Defence Research Agency

Vestas Wind Systems, Denmark

VIS VENTI Association for Supporting Wind Energy, Poland

Finally, the European Wind Energy Association would like to thank the European Commission’s Directorate General for Transport and Energy (DG TREN) for the valuable support and input it has given to this project (NoEIE/07/230/SI2.466850).

The information in Wind Energy– The Facts does not necessarily reflect the formal position of the European Wind Energy Association or the European Commission.

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